About our horse program...

River Hills Ranch Ltd. proudly raises quality Quarter Horses for roping, barrels, ranching and performance. Our business is tailored to buyers wanting to raise the bar, and take them to the next level. We run 27-30 broodmares and 3 stallions between our two daughters, and ourselves. We all operate, and keep our own animals under separate names, but we run our stock together on the same program.

Our breeding program for our horses has always revolved around our lifestyle. We breed what we like to ride, always striving to raise the bar for the horses in our industry. Our horses aren't rode every day, but there are times they put in a good shift. Pasture work involves roping, doctoring, moving cattle, fencing. Feedlot work involves mud, snow, rain, sorting, weighing, loading and processing. Our family likes to rope in the arena, as well as just go for a nice ride. It is a must to have good moving horses, meaning we want ones that are smooth to ride. These ranch horses have to have a good foot and bone under them. They will break down, bow a tendon, or just out and out injure themselves if they don't have anything to carry them. They need good muscling and balance, along with a good mindset. Our grandkids are getting into the rodeo scene.. exactly what our breeding program produces and excels at! Our horses are very versatile in other directions as well, western pleasure, halter, English, jumping and dressage.

We work hard to breed, raise and promote top head and heel horses for our growing rope horse industry. We recently have been branching out and promoting in barrel racing as well. Currently we send our horses to two fantastic trainers, Shane Brown and Adrian (Freddie) McKerchar. They put an excellent basis on our horses, starting from the ground up with a good foundation. They are kept sound and sane by not pushing them beyond what their mind and body can handle. Shane and Freddie are both very accomplished ropers, and most of the horses we finish are taken in the direction of roping. We are strong supporters and sponsors of the Manitoba Rope Horse Futurity which began in 2013. Our horses get well showcased by the trainers in this event, with growing competition every year. We have also had a few hit the Canadian National Rope Horse Futurity in Edmonton, AB and show well.

We are now working with Bobby Lewis Quarter Horses, who has been training and showing our newest young stallion Smokin N Rockin. We are thankful for the great opportunity Bobby Lewis Quarter Horses has given us to be able to advance our horse program. It is an honor to be a team with one of the World's top horsemen, having multiple World Championships and industry setting standards. Our mare Dun Driftn is now showind with Bobby Lewis as well. Dun Driftn was trained by the Brown family in Manitoba.

Our vision is to provide our high quality, home raised horses from our program world wide. We are achieving this through our honest sales, dependable reputation, generations of hands on experience and work ethic. At our ranch we work together as a family to only create and provide the top end horses for your needs, raising them from the ground up. Whether it be NFR, rodeos in other countries, World Series, or your local events we provide you with our personal attention, to make sure your bar is raised.

We are proud of the years we have put into this program, and the results show in our horse herd.


Dollar Horse Services (Shane Brown) - Lenore, MB CANADA

Elkhorn Riding Adventures (Adrian McKerchar) - Onanole, MB CANADA

Bobby Lewis Quarter Horses (Bobby Lewis) - Overbrook, OK USA